The Adventure of Us

handmade soaps
South Africa’s best handmade soap

What we have is something special.
And we would like to share it with you.

Nothing fancy, nothing big or bold. But, it is our world. A lovely little family, living on a special little farm, where the only big things are seasons and sky views, and the inspiration they give.
Being outside together and daily adventures with our little flock of chickens, looking for wild mushrooms, digging and planting in the veggie garden after the rain, travelling across the back roads of South Africa – well, you could say this is our ideal working day.

Everyday is filled with colours, light, and, of course, smells. Leaves, flowers, earth, water – we find natural scents addictive, and it is difficult not to become obsessed. And always thinking of ways to add them into our products.

These are the feelings we try to capture in the products we make, and the hand illustrated packaging. An accumulation of the sensory experiences of wild and special places. Everything in Nature is there for a reason. And that is our inspiration: to make natural, vibrant and beautifully useful, handmade products that are always down-to-earth.

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